[UNISEX] Military Hooded Down Coat (TAION-106BML-LONG)

[UNISEX] Military Hooded Down Coat (TAION-106BML-LONG)

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[UNISEX] Military hooded down coat (TAION-106BML-LONG)

"It's not even a mods coat, it's a new military style. Hooded down coat"

This is a new military hooded down coat.
Unlike a mods coat, the neck area is neat, so it goes well with small items such as scarves.
The waist pocket is a 2-way specification with a flap pocket and a hand warmer pocket. The slit fasteners on both sides make it easier to move by increasing the range of motion, making it easy to put your hands in the bottom pocket and enjoy layering.
[Product specifications]

・The down uses 800 flp or more, which is light and has excellent resilience.
・Uses loofah quilt stitching. 
・The fabric uses 5mm square ripstop fabric.
・Four-hole buttons are used for the front.
・There are zipper slits on both sides.
・There are 2-way hand warmer pockets on the left and right hips.
・The hood has a string.
* You can also wash it at home.
*Storage bag is not included.
*Unisex size. For women: XS-S size is recommended. If you want to wear it loosely, we recommend M size.

[About MILITARY LINE products]
As the name suggests, the MILITARY LINE is a line of inner down jackets with military motifs.