Letter: Think positive thoughts about 2022

As we near the end of 2021 and the start of 2022 the days are getting longer. Our hens are about to finish their molt and start to lay a bunch of boneless chickens again. They know spring is coming and mother nature gives them the heads up to start laying eggs so the girls can sit and hatch out a next generation of chickens. We should take a hint from our chickens and also get the attitude of almost every farmer I know. I have always started a little early maybe I started last fall as I picked that last row of corn.

This next year will be way better than the last one for sure. Every farmer I know is always optimistic going into spring ordering seed and as we are organic farmers lining up our organic matter we will be adding to our soil we are not afraid of the price hikes of fertilizer and sprays as our friends the conventional farmers are. We were conventional till we stared keeping bees that made us change how we farm.

We hope the whole world would take notice and be optimistic about 2022 being much better in every way than 2021.

I have found out the hard way sometimes NEGATIVE thoughts give NEGATIVE results and positive thoughts give positive results. Please help our country and our people keep positive thoughts that 2022 will give our country positive results.

Also plant a garden this year, it will make you feel better and give you a feeling of accomplishment.

If anyone needs some organic fertilizer let me know. All our animals keep us very well supplied. So grab that seed catalog and start now what you are going to plant then put it away for 2 weeks and go back and make sure you can take care of all the seeds you ordered. Please POSITIVE thoughts about 2022 and enjoy everyday. Remember, tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Thanx For Readen,

Paul Trowbridge


P.S. Some people dance to the beat of a different drum and some people POLKA